Meet Laura

Scratching my head post marathon

The picture to the right sums me up pretty well. It was a record hot day in St. Louis, the end of the run was quite miserable, but I still managed to run the last 6 miles with a Hawaiian lei around my neck. Why? Because why not. A few energetic, little kids were handing them out to the runners, and I watched those in front of me (no, I was not in first place) pass them right up. Their little hearts broke each time someone said no. At this point in the race I barely knew my name, but I knew that I wasn’t going to deprive a child the happiness of giving someone a lei! Pure joy, having it and sharing it. That is why I am here. As we get older, capturing that joy and excitement can be a little more challenging, but we should strive for it everyday. A happy life lies on the other side of a healthy body and mind. I learned the lesson and now, I want to share it with you.

I grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana surrounded by my close, wonderful family. I ventured up to the University of Notre Dame for college where I majored in Biology. I was not quite ready for the real world yet, so I continued my education at St. Louis University to complete my Masters of Public Health. It was during my years at SLU, both inside and outside of the classroom, that I realized I wanted to help people understand the value of living a healthy life and to assist them in doing just that.

This desire led me to my first job out of school, corporate wellness consulting. There were so many great experiences and learning opportunities at this job, but at the end of the day, I never knew if I was actually helping people make strides towards a healthier life. I was too far away from the individuals who had desire to make changes. As this was becoming less of a simple realization and more of a burden I was carrying, I had an opportunity to make a career change.

With my health coaching license in hand from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as wellas yoga and pilates certifications, I started Stride10 Coaching!  Now my focus every day is to help people find pure joy in their every day lives.