The exercise conflict

I am taking a pause from my previously scheduled post to discuss something on my mind lately – the exercise conflict. If that term has been coined for something else (which my quick google search did not bring forward), I am only talking about an internal struggle of which exercise to complete in a day and if there should be any exercise at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I believe there should be movement every day. I am referring to the decision between running, taking a group fitness class, weight lifting, laying on your floor at home and stretching, or the variety of other options. It can be hard to honor what your body needs and what your mind is telling you.marathon

I have never considered myself a runner or a yogi, but I love both forms of exercise. Right now, I am doing a lot more yoga than running. My body is itching for more miles, but I hate to miss out on the benefits of yoga. I certainly wish there was enough time in the day to do both….

The real question I need to answer (for my clients and myself) is not whether to run or take a class, it is when should I not participate in high intensity exercise. At what point is an ache or pain something that needs to be worked out in a class versus when the ache or pain needs rest.

The truth is, you never know. The more in tune you get with your body, the easier the decisions will become. You will notice patterns. For example, doing yoga 7 days in a row is hard on me. Running four days in a row hurts also. I have learned that about myself over several years, but I still question it sometimes. Pay attention to how you feel. Be aware of your body and be curious about why you feel the way you do. You will pick up on patterns that work for you. It is the only way to know if today’s workout should be a slow walk followed by a stretch on the living room.


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