Rule Series: #6

6. Practice awareness in your behaviors.

Let me set up two scenarios for you. Raise your hand (yes, in front of your computer) if you have done the following:

Scenario 1:┬áSat down with a plate or bowl of food in front of you and a few minutes later it is gone. You are surprised that it is gone because you did not really taste it, you don’t remember if you liked it, and you certainly don’t feel like you have chewed enough to finish it.


Scenario 2: Showed up at the gym or yoga studio and went through the motions. Maybe you set the elliptical to go for 20 minutes and zoned out. At the end of 20 minutes you didn’t break a sweat, your thighs didn’t burn, but you grab your stuff and head home.

We have all been there. So I ask, why did you spend time making something delicious to eat? Why did you go to the gym?

If we begin to practice more awareness in our actions, we can take our health to new heights. Pause, enjoy that delicious meal. You will find you chew more, get more out of it, and digest it that much better. Pause, remember why you are at the gym. Work your body hard, feel the burn, allow the sweat to flow. Turn that 20 minutes into a meaningful commitment.

If you can begin practicing awareness in what you eat and your workouts, imagine what can happen in your relationships, work, and free time. It can all become more meaningful. Be present, move a little slower, and think about what you are doing. There is a reason for it all.


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