Rule Series: #5

5. Know who you are. If you don’t, find it.

If we strip ourselves down to our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts in ideal situations, we find ourselves. If we remove our doubts, fears, and internal dialogue, that is who we are. We lose sight of that person (or even begin to think we are someone else) because we are not often in what we consider our ideal situation. It is rare that we aren’t internally questioning our decisions, actions, or thoughts. We are constantly challenged by the demands of our personal lives, our careers, and our environment. We can start to be very distant from the person that we are truly are.

If you start to lose touch with that kind, smart, and beautiful person and see a tired, anxious, and irritable person; do you have the desire to take good care? Do you even think about taking care of that person? This is is what has happened to so many people that I work with as clients or those that have discussed their health obstacles with me. People lose sight of who it is they need to take care of.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Here is an exercise :

First thing in the morning, write down five words that describe the way you are thinking and feeling at that moment. Happy, sad, excited, anxious, tired, grateful.

Then, write down five words that you want to feel. What do you want to put out in the world? Who are you at your core if you remove the stressors of the day behind or ahead?

This will start to help you uncover who you are. The awareness of the emotions driving us versus the emotions we want to fuel us will allow for progress. Slowly but surely you will want to take care of the person you truly are. Break down the barriers.

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