Where’s the Romance?

Think for a moment about the last time you really enjoyed an incredible meal. Not just the flavor of the food. Think about the people you were with, the conversations you shared, and the experience of being totally present. I would like to think that it was an enjoyable experience for you and perhaps one you would wish to replicate more often.

What happens for most of us is just the opposite of a true sit-down meal. We grab and go. We often eat without even slowing down to take a breath.heart

The issue becomes that we’ve lost the romance with our meals. When we slow down and savor we notice how quickly we become full. When we are truly present we may notice that the food on our plate either is or is not what we are truly wanting. Wouldn’t it be nice to finish your plate and feel truly satisfied- not just stuffed to the gills?

I challenge you to find the romance at each and every meal. That means sitting DOWN. That means using proper utensils. That means maybe even setting down the placemats, lighting a couple of candles, and creating the ambiance of your favorite restaurant. Think about what you enjoy and do more of that.

Creating romance at mealtime will help you to edit what is no longer serving your body and create space for something entirely new.

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